Let’s be honest: you already know what your body needs.

You know that your kitchen should be filled with organic vegetables, raw nuts & dark chocolate.

You know that your glass should be filled with pure water.

You know that it’s best to slow down, breathe deeply, be grateful & bless every bite.

But knowing isn’t the same as doing.

 Eating well is an act of love.

Love for your body. Love for the planet.

And love for all living beings.

If you want to make the shift to a clean, organic, raw vegan & whole foods diet —
but you’re struggling to stay motivated & committed — I’m here to support you.

I work with a level of intimacy & depth, while making the transition into your new lifestyle incredibly easy, simple & fun.

I combine 23 years of life experience with 10 years of holistic wellness & nutritional training. I’ve also got a passion for fabulous cooking & entertaining with a purpose.

With me as your guide, you’ll never go hungry — and you’ll never be bored!

Best of all?

You won’t be alone.

I’m here, as much as you want me — for as long as you need me.

With all my skills. And all my love.

Want all the details?

Read through the Q&A section, just below.

Or go ahead and …


What is Holistic Nutrition?
Holistic Nutrition is based on a simple premise:

When you’re not eating the right food for your individual needs, your whole body suffers.

When your body suffers, your whole community suffers.

And when your community suffers, the whole world suffers.

With Holistic Nutrition, everything is connected. We can’t talk about diabetes prevention without talking about your stressful new job. We can’t talk about weight loss without talking about your life purpose. Your mind, body & spirit all come into the conversation.

And while our immediate focus is on your individual health goals, our ultimate goal is a more conscious world.

What kinds of problems can we work on?
Holistic Wellness & Nutrition brings your body back into balance, by allowing it to do what it does best: heal itself.

I specialize in supporting people who are dealing with blood sugar, digestion & hormonal imbalances — including diabetes. Some of my clients are also struggling with weight gain or weight fluctuation, skin conditions (like eczema), candida overgrowth, mental clarity & focus, and chronic stress, inflammation & adrenal burn-out.

Many of my clients are already in excellent health, but want to understand how to give their body the right kind of nutrition for their individual needs — and feel even better.

All of my client sessions are incredibly personalized. We can work on just about anything you want — as long as you’re willing to do the work & take personal responsibility for your health.

What types of people do you usually work with?
My clients come from all over the world — every age, every lifestyle, and with every type of health challenge you can imagine!

Most of my clients are seeking better health for themselves — and many are acupuncturists nutritionists, dietitians and physicians seeking scientifically-backed information to pass along to their own clients.

The common thread throughout all of my clients is a desire to contribute to the world, in a big & beautiful way.

They don’t just want to look & feel better — they want to do better, too.

Are you going to give me a strict diet?
In a word: no. I advocate a fresh, organic lifestyle filled with raw and vegan foods — but I’m never going to ‘force’ you to eat something you don’t want to. There are over 20,000 species of edible plants in the world, so I can assure you — you’ll never be hungry or bored!

In our first consultation, we’ll identify your Dosha (your body constitution) and your Oxidative Profile (the rate at which your body metabolizes food) to determine what kinds of meals will make you look & feel amazing.

What are your qualifications?
For the past 10 years, I’ve been personally trained by Gabriel Cousens, M.D M.D(H) D.D. at his School of Holistic Wellness in Arizona, where I graduated with a Masters in Vegan Live Food Nutrition, specializing in diabetes & spiritual fasting.

I hold a BA in Health Sciences, and I’ve completed post-graduate training at The University of Integrated Science in California.

I am the Coordinator and the Principal teacher of Conscious Eating a world renowned workshop taught by Gabriel Cousens, M.D M.D(H) D.D.

I’ve studied super food nutrition, Ayurvedic science, Chinese tonic herbalism, Amazonian herbalism, crystal and Zero-point energy healing and vegan and raw nutrition at some of top institutes in the world.

I haven’t just studied holistic nutrition in the classroom, though — this is my life’s work, and my life.

I like to say that besides my scientific training, I’ve completed 23 years of trial & error so that we can shorten your learning curve to just a couple of weeks! 😉

Do you come to my house? Or do we meet online?
I love working with clients face-to-face and online. Both ways work beautifully — it just depends on what you want & need.

Some of my clients meet with me virtually, two to four times a month.

Others fly me to their homes for week-long, lifestyle-transforming intensives.

A few of my clients have booked me to train their private chefs, onsite.

Others prefer to meet me at my studio in Miami Beach, Florida — where we can play in my kitchen and state-of-the-art fitness room. (I can bring a private Pilates instructor into the studio, to guide you through a phenomenal workout after our counseling session!).

We’ll work out the logistics during our first consultation — which takes place over the phone, or in person.

Do I really need a Holistic Wellness & Nutrition Counselor? Can’t I just buy a healthy cookbook?
Cookbooks & guidebooks are fantastic — my kitchen is full of them!

But a cookbook isn’t going to text you on the morning of your huge presentation, to remind you to take your supplements.

A cookbook isn’t going to drive to your home to supervise you while you clear out your fridge — and then take you shopping for fresh, healthy treats.

A cookbook isn’t going to customize your meal plan, based on your exact body constitution & metabolic profile.

But I will.

So, if you want the kind of support that goes above & beyond a cookbook, then you need me.

I have a chronic sickness. Can you help?
A non-toxic, whole foods diet has been proven to reduce chronic stress & inflammation — two of the root causes of most diseases.

If you’re already working with a medical doctor to manage your condition, partnering with a Holistic Wellness & Nutrition Counselor (like me) can help to accelerate the healing process.

What do you charge?
Your first consultation is $380. During this kick-off session, we’ll identify your Dosha (your body constitution) and your Oxidative Profile (the rate at which your body metabolizes protein), and outlining a new lifestyle for you to take on a test drive, until we meet again. Be ready to spend about 2:30 hrs. with me.

For ongoing counseling, my rate is $185 / hour.

If I’m flying to your home for a transformational intensive, my rates begin at $5000 / week. (We’ll begin with three months of counseling leading up to your in-home session, followed by three months of support afterwards, to sustain your new habits & lifestyle.)

How do we start?
Click here to book a consultation.

Please note: I’m currently booked until September, 2016 — so we’ll be setting your consultation date for November or December of this year.

If you’d like to be placed on my waiting list — in case I have an opening on my calendar a bit sooner, just email to let me know.

I can’t wait to support you!

Love, peace & vegetables,